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The Golf Psychiatrist

After medical school and psychiatric training, Dr. Fuller discovered that emotions dramatically effect golf performance. Psychiatry and golf became linked when the young psychiatrist saw an accomplished golfer choke over a six-foot putt on the last hole of an important golf tournament. The reasons for this “choke” and how to prevent anxiety-induced missed hits are the basis for The Golf Psychiatrist. Kenny, the golf psychiatrist, plays virtual golf with his dream team that includes a par shooter, a trusted mentor, a cockeyed optimist and their not-so-normal psychiatrist.

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Goodbye Bogeys: Confidence

A GREAT GIFT for any golfer. A top psychiatrist shows the path to better golf. It works. It works by empowering the golfer. One of the foremost problems for golfers is the mental game.  When the golfer's mind is in a good spot (the best mental zone), the game improves.  The score suffers when a golfer's focus turns off and thoughts slide out-of-control.  Learning the mental game improves confidence and play greatly.   Dr. Fuller teaches a technique that allows each golfer to reach and maintain their best mental zone. 

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Hello Birdies

Hello Birdies is perfect for anxious beginners, average golfers, elite amateurs, and frustrated players.

Kenneth Fuller, M.D., a golfer and top psychiatrist shows the way to better golf. A few years ago, Dr. Fuller’s book Goodbye Bogeys instilled confidence in golfers and promised players a chance at avoiding bogeys. The author now teaches mental concentration in Hello Birdies and pushes golfers to make more birdies.

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