Find your best performance zone with lessons from life and the game of golf. Now available from distinguished psychiatrist Dr. Ken Fuller!

"I give these books to all my friends and clients. It's the perfect book! I never golfed better... or felt better!" - Philip A.

Find your best performance zone.

Dr. Fuller, an avid golfer and psychiatrist in Thomasville, Georgia, is the author of nine books including: Golf Psychiatrist, Goodby Bogeys: Confidence, and Hello Birdies. He uses therapeutic suggestions to improve sport performance and also applies the principles of golf to improve mental health.  


Each chapter strengthens the reader’s confidence and concentration.

"First and foremost, you must have confidence.  Your second mental problem is concentration.  Think the shot through in advance before you address the ball.  Draw a mental image of where you want it to go and then eliminate everything else from your mind, except how you are going to get the ball into that preferred spot." - SAM SNEAD

Excerpt from "Hello Birdies"Dr. Ken Fuller
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Golf Psychiatrist

Goodbye Bogeys

Hello Birdies


"After reading this book and playing in a local tournament I played my best round of competitive golf in years.....putts were finding the bottom of the cup like old times....Thanks to Dr. Fuller and Goodbye Bogeys!!"

- Jerry

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Dr. Fuller is available to speak to small or large audiences with his message: LIVE WELL — WORK WELL — PLAY WELL — EXPECT WELL!
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